Purchase Agreement



For the design & fabrication of a custom instrument panel, design & fabrication of avionics/airframe wiring system, installed instrumentation & avionics as chosen by purchaser and specified in the quotation dated ___________________.


Payment policy:

We require a 50% (of total contract amount) deposit to validate the contract and begin the process.  Initial deposit will be used to cover the cost of designing your panel & wiring system, the raw materials/instruments/kits/etc. used in the construction of your panel & wiring system and to secure ordering of equipment with factory lead times.


We will require an additional 25% (of total contract amount) payment when panel construction and the avionics wiring harness fabrication is approximately 50% complete.  Remaining equipment will be ordered at this time.  Final payment of balance will be due upon completion of the panel & wiring system, completion being defined as deliverable to purchaser as a ready to install kit or ready for us to install in purchasers aircraft.  We will notify you two weeks in advance of each payment point to allow time for receipt of payment.


Note: If payments have not been received by the designated dates, all work will be suspended until payments are received.  No panel & wiring system will be delivered or installed until we have received payment in full of contract amount.



We warrant the panel & wiring system, as fabricated by the us, for a period of 90 days after completion of panel & wiring system, or completed installation thereof in purchaserís aircraft.


Instruments, avionics and any other components or systems purchased from a third party for installation in or fabrication of purchaserís panel and/or wiring system are subject to the warranty terms of their respective manufacture and are not warranted by the us.  Purchaser is responsible for any and all shipping charges, removal/re-installation labor charges, calibration or certification costs associated with warranty work on third party items.




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